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Republic Domain

First Appearance

Republic Domain Webcomic (March, 2007)

Original Publisher

Created by

Nuno Teixeira


Republic Domain is a webcomic about nothing in specific. Characters from the town of Rheddville share dialogues about death, life, sex, marriage, dating, money, work and all the things inbetween and all-around. Each character represents an archetype that become easy to relate to.

Origin of the Webcomic: The Start of the Republic of Rheddville

Back when Nuno Teixeira worked with Zac Marshall in a design and multimedia studio–in another time, far far away–-Zac brought him onto a comic strip called “Red Meat”, by Max Cannon. Nuno's homage goes out to him in the first comic strip titled, “Red Meat”.

Better still was the fan-made “Red Meat Construction Set”–-a tool that allowed fans to create their own Red Meat comic strips using drop-down menus to select from a list of characters and text fields to write who was saying what. This would eventually create a Red Meat inspired strip with the click of a button. With this in mind, Nuno set out looking for cool public domain imagery that had enough character of its own to bring life into my new strip.

“Republic Domain” is a name that came by accident while brainstorming out loud in an email in early 2007. Nuno had committed to working with public domain imagery as a base and as an experiment to see how much was possible using it. He came across a treasure trove of imagery from old political anti-communist booklets and he knew he wouldn’t need to go anywhere else! The images were perfect, and the story basically created itself from there. The prefix of "Re-" also signified "reuse", or "re-appropriation", so Nuno's love of word play and multi-meaning in text was fulfilled and the strip was born!

Relaunch of Republic Domain

Due to some rollercoaster journeies in the life of Nuno Teixeira the strip came to a grinding halt. Once the turbulent ride was over and his stomach started to settle, Republic Domain was relaunched on, his personal publishing site.

Republic Domain was released three times a week and the style changes were done retroactively to replace the writing and art style of the previous 40+ strips. The strip is currently halted.

There is a new four-panel black & white design. This is to offer more text space and concentrate on what Nuno believes is the most important part of a static sprite-comic such as this one: The text.

Legal Note

Republic Domain comics are now also completley under the Creative Commons License as "By Attribution". Feel free to download the images and use them on your site, edit the crap out of them (make a "construction set", make books and sell them even, Nuno doesn't care–the ONLY condition is that you attribute it to his name (NunoXEI) and site (either “” or "”).

Multiple Meaning and Word Play

Now, the layers of meaning behind the title of the first comic strip are three fold:

  • An homage to the comic strip that refused to leave my thoughts, Max Cannon's Red Meat
  • The "Reds", as they are called in some sources (communists, Russians), since many of the characters were "borrowed" from early anti-communist manifest pamphlets of the early 1900s
  • And the most obvious would be the topic of the first strip itself.

Every title of every strip is in turn part of the comics humor. There are times when the title incidentally gets thought about first, but the majority of strips gain titles after the joke is told.

Every character within the strip also carries with it double meaning or word play. Take for example Frank Lean Quiry: An average guy who's always up to snoop around and provoke others to divulge information--Frankly an inquiry. Each name represents a bit of the personality of the character and helps establish the archetype that they will undoubtable represent through the strip.

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