Little Eva

Real Name


First Appearance

Little Eva # 1 (May, 1952)

Original Publisher

St. John Publications

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Little Eva is a high-spirited little girl with a vivid imagination and a mischievous streak. Something of a tomboy, she tends to get into adventures with her neighborhood "gang", often causing a great deal of trouble in the process. Her friends include Clarence, a young inventor whose "get rich" schemes frequently end in disaster, and Puddy, a local stray of indeterminate pedigree.

While basically good-natured and innocent, Eva isn't above "scamming" other children for their pocket money or playing pranks on disapproving adults. Occasionally, her hi-jinx backfire completely, landing her in trouble with her long-suffering parents and other authority figures. Despite sometimes ending up with "egg on her face", Eva is utterly irrepressible, usually bouncing back from each pratfall with twice as much enthusiasm as before.

Publication history

Eva was created in 1952, presumably to replace Little Audrey after the St. John license passed on to Harvey Comics. In some respects, the character was patterned after other successful children's strips of the period, such as Little Lulu, Nancy and Little Iodine. Stories typically ran between five and seven pages, interspersed with one-page gags and filler text. Eva shared her book with various child characters, including Hot Rod, a Tubby Tomkins look-alike.

Little Eva had a successful run until 1956, after which it was continued under the Pines label until 1959 (although some sources report that the title was reprinted by I.W. Publications until 1967). Adding to the confusion, St. John appears to have issued a number of giant-sized reprints during the 1960s as well.

Copyright status

The 1952 St. John series is now in the public domain due to lapsed copyright. The status of the Pines and I.W. series are unclear, due to erratic publishing schedules and Israel Waldman's practice of printing unauthorized copies of defunct comic titles.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Little Eva 1-31 (St. John. May 1952 - Nov. 1956)
  • Little Eva 3-D 1-2 (St. John, Oct.- Nov. 1953)
  • Little Eva 1-8 (I.W. Enterprises)
  • Little Eva no. 1 (May 1952)