Ginger Snapp 1

Real Name

Ginger Snapp

First Appearance

Zip Comics #35 (March 1943)

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Golden Age Origin

Ginger Snapp was a teenage girl who lived in the fictional American town of Hilldale. In her early appearances, she was a shy, somewhat clumsy girl, but she got more confident, outgoing and witty over time. By the time she got her own title, she had an active social life and plenty of boys who were eager to date her. One trait that always remained constant was her love of animals and the desire to protect them from harm.

Originally, her supporting cast was made up of her parents, Fred and Lolita Snapp, and her best friend Dotty. In later appearances, the ever-sarcastic Patty became her best friend, and she gained a rival in Bunny, a scheming beauty who had (a not entirely undeserved) reputation for stealing other girls' boyfriend. Ginger dated a number of boys and crushed on just as many, but there were only three boys she dated more than once - "Whiz" Baker, Hillsdale High's top football player, Tommy Turner, a selflessly naive all-American boy and Ichabod "Ickki" Jones, the surprisingly self-assured, optimistic school braniac. Ginger was particularly protective of Tom and Ickki, whom she valued as friends as well as boyfriends. She never permanently settled for either of the three, but, to be fair, they seemed perfectly content with the arrangement.

Golden Age Appearances

(Incomplete list)

  • Suzie Comics #49, 67, 73, 83, 85
  • Ginger #1-10

External Links

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