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Felix the Cat
Felix The Cat 1922 - Felix Saves The Day

Real Name

Felix the Cat

First Appearance

Feline Follies (1919)

Original Publisher

Paramount Pictures

Created by

Otto Messmer, Pat Sullivan


Felix is a friendly cat who had many surreal adventures. He could do strange things such as detaching his own tail to use as various kinds of tools, and doing such strange things as climbing the notes suspended in air around him when he whistled.

Public Domain Film Appearances

Paramount Pictures (1919–1921)

Title Release Date
"Feline Follies" view November 9, 1919
"The Musical Mews" November 16, 1919
"The Adventures of Felix" December 14, 1919
"A Frolic with Felix" January 25, 1920
"Felix the Big Game Hunter" February 22, 1920
"Wrecking a Romeo" March 7, 1920
"Felix the Food Controller" April 11, 1920
"Felix the Pinch Hitter" April 18, 1920
"Foxy Felix" May 16, 1920
"A Hungry Hoodoo" June 6, 1920
"The Great Cheese Robbery" June 13, 1920
"Felix and the Feed Bag" July 18, 1920
"Nifty Nurse" August 22, 1920
"The Circus" September 26, 1920
"My Hero" October 24, 1920
"Felix the Landlord" November 21, 1920
"Felix's Fish Story" December 26, 1920
"Felix the Gay Dog" February 6, 1921
"Down on the Farm" February 13, 1921
"Felix the Hypnotist" March 20, 1921
"Free Lunch" April 17, 1921
"Felix Goes on Strike" May 15, 1921
"Felix Out of Luck" June 5, 1921
"The Love Punch" July 3, 1921
"Felix Left at Home" July 17, 1921

Margaret J. Winkler (1922–1925)

Title Release Date
"Felix Saves the Day" view February 1, 1922
"Felix at the Fair" March 1, 1922
"Felix Makes Good" April 1, 1922
"Felix All at Sea" May 1, 1922
"Felix in Love" June 1, 1922
"Felix in the Swim" view July 1, 1922
"Felix Finds a Way" August 1, 1922
"Felix Gets Revenge" September 1, 1922
"Felix Wakes Up" September 15, 1922
"Felix Minds the Kid" view October 1, 1922
"Felix Turns the Tide" view October 15, 1922
"Felix Fifty-Fifty" October 21, 1922
"Felix Comes Back" 1922
"Felix on the Trail" November 1, 1922
"Felix Lends a Hand" view November 15, 1922
"Felix Gets Left" December 1, 1922
"Felix in the Bone Age" view December 15, 1922


This version is drastically different compared to the modern version that is copyrighted.

See Also

Official Felix Homepage


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