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Real Name


First Appearance

The Candy Country (1885)

Original Publisher

Created by

Louisa May Alcott


Candy-Land is a magical land, which can be accessed by children who are blown high into the air. Rocks and building stones are made of chocolate in Candy-Land. Rivers flow with Molasses, fountains flow with lemonade, lakes are filled with syrup, and wells draw up honey. There is no rain in Candy-Land, but it frequently snows pure white sugar. There is no sun, because it would melt things in Candy-Land, but there is a big lemon hard candy in the sky.

Candy-Land is inhabited by cows and brightly colored horses made of barley. There are sugar birds who sing sweetly using lyrics in the English language, and they are hatched from sweet nuts, instead of eggs. There are also trees and flowers made of translucent candy with mint flavored leaves. The trees grow various fruits, nuts and gum drops. Caramel is also said to grow in Candy-Land.

There are also small sugar people in Candy Land who are made of pure sugar, but painted to look like humans. They sing and speak very sweetly, they never get sick and there is never any conflict. They taste like plain sugar as babies, but they develop flavors based on their personalities, as they grow. They are ruled by a king. Sometimes they stick together when they get hot from activity, and they must be sent to an ice cream room to cool down. The people live in buildings with roofs made of frosting and pillars made of striped candy canes. They sleep in beds of spun sugar (cotton candy) and ride carriages down streets made of jujubes. One of the largest cities is called Saccharissa, and it is divided from the great desert of brown sugar by the mountains of Gibraltar Rock.

Candy-Land is adjacent to Cake-Land where the gingerbread men live.

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The copyright to the board game Candyland and the characters and elements unique to that franchise are held by Hasbro. They also hold a strong claim to the trademark on a wide variety of products bearing the Candyland name.

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