Baby Huey

Real Name


First Appearance

Quack a Doodle Doo (animated short, 1949)

Original Publisher

Paramount Pictures' Famous Studios

Created by

Martin Taras & Sid Raymond


Baby Huey's impatient mother downs a whole bottle of pre-natal vitamins, and gives birth to a giant baby duckling that she names Huey. He is rejected by the other ducklings due to his size and stupidity, but wins their respect by using his strength to defend them from a fox. Baby Huey demonstrated superhuman strength and was virtually indestructible, but was very naive and seemed to be a little dim witted.

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Public Domain Appearances

Quack a Doodle Doo (1949)

Pest Pupil (1956)


Only the aspects of Baby Huey which appear in the short, Quack a Doodle Doo and Pest Pupil are public domain.