Alice: New Adventures in Wonderland

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Alice: New Adventures in Wonderland #10

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'Alice was a teenager who lived in an unnamed American suburbs. She was a big fan Lewis Carroll'sAlice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, much to the annoyance of her father, who insisted that she was too old to enjoy something this "childish." What he didn't realize was that Alice had a tendency to get embroiled in adventures that involved Carroll's characters and magic-related mishaps in general.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Alice: The New Adventures in Wonderland #10-11(2)


  • There is some confusion over the magazines' publication schedule due to the cover information differing from the indicia. Alice no. 11 is given as no. 2 on the inside cover.
  • Ziff-Davis's comic titles are generally considered to be in the public domain due to the company canceling most of its line in Fall, 1952 (including the Alice and Dolly books). No record exists of Alice's copyright being renewed.
  • Naturally, Lewis Carroll's Alice and the "Wonderland" concept has been in the public domain for several decades. However, prospective writers and artists should note that Disney's version of the character is still under copyright, and care should be taken not to confuse the two.